Angels, guides and other light beings

Which guides, angels, and other (galactic) light beings are with me and how do I work with them?

“Let’s start by stating that everything is one. Everything originates from the same source. And what all these beings have in common is that they are with you from the light. From this light, they can be with you in many ways to provide healing, to give information, to inspire you, to allow your soul to speak more strongly to you, to pass inspirations on to others, to give healing to others…

There are a lot of guides present with people who bring creative forms into the world. In all forms: this can be painting, writing, drawing, dancing, cooking, creating, sculpting, architecture… We can go on indefinitely.

Everything that is created in your world can come from spirit. And very often, spirit works together with your soul. So let’s say your soul radiates a certain color of light. And in that color light is information about your mission, what you are here on Earth to do.

When you chose to come to this Earth, a body was created with you that fits you as a human to express those gifts. That is special in itself. Especially when you sometimes even sigh: why this or why that? Actually, your body is exactly the beautiful instrument that points you the way to who you really are.

In addition, in the light of your soul, your guides are formed, those that match your soul and those that match the mission you have to bring here on Earth. In addition, you can invite all kinds of other light beings, because they are at your disposal. Some people automatically feel attracted to angels, others to ancestors, others to their own deceased loved ones, others to nature beings, others to galactic beings… And this all has to do with how it fits with your soul which guides are there. And the beauty is that you also get to choose. So, if in addition to maybe always having had an affinity with angels, you feel an interest in working with the Pleiadians or the Syrians, you can assume that this also fits with your soul. When you feel that as a call from within, it means that it matches the color of your soul.

Therefore, it is sometimes so important that you open yourself up to new areas. Because sometimes there are light beings who seek contact with you to help you with a next step, to bring new information or to bring you a new creation for which you are not yet open at all. You could think of dragons, unicorns, or E.T’s, for example. And perhaps you find it a bit odd at the moment you get that inspiration. But know then that you don’t get it for nothing.

Look, for example, at the drawings of children with all their imagination. Know that there are many light beings visible with whom they consciously or unconsciously have contact. In that, you also sometimes see that they have contact with darker beings, which is fine. Because usually, that is also good for their development.

Let’s now assume that you like to work with light beings. Then also ask specifically if light beings want to be with you. And then feel what you are inspired by. What images do you receive, what colors, how does that energy feel, how does that frequency feel? Is it more earth energy, do you feel more connected to mother earth? Do you feel more connected with light beings from the universe?

It is intensely important when you wish to grow from your soul, to be true to what you feel and not to follow what others choose as important light beings or guides. Because your guides are unique, just like the light of your soul. These guides are all present in one big field, the field of love and light. From the divine source, as an expression of the divine source, just like you are. So just as there are many kinds of people, so there are many kinds of guides. Just as there are many different people living on different frequencies, so there are also different light beings. And every light being and every human has its own frequency, which attracts each other. So everything exists alongside each other, everything complements each other.

And joy is the key. So feel what you are attracted to, what makes you happy. Open yourself up and use your imagination as a bridge to make contact. Then see if you do this from your feeling and just let it come to you or if you are going to write, draw, create, dance, walk… Feel what your way is to feel this contact.

Know that at this moment there are a lot of guides around you to find even more contact with you. When you grow, these guides also grow in their consciousness and that is ultimately the desire of every being that has ever originated from the source. So enjoy the diversity of your guides around you, work together while doing it in a playful way. Expect nothing specific, but expect the unexpected.”