How would you describe a healthy relationship with a loved one? 

Relationships are so fascinating yet there is so much more to them. Relationships look as though they only happen here on Earth during our lifetime, however, they are connected to so many more lives, and ‘contracts’. To simply so much more…

That’s why you often don’t really understand what is going on in the relationship you are in. You are attached to many more lifetimes than just this one and your soul is filled with so many more experiences. 

In the time frame as you see it on earth, with all the frequencies transforming into higher frequencies, and all the dark shadows are being forced into the light, relationships are our ‘teachers’ at this moment.

You may find that, previously you would have agreed on certain topics within your relationships, but that even these are currently being challenged. This is only because it is now time to become truly, genuinely authentic with yourself, thereby nurturing a relationship with oneself before doing so with anyone else. 

Whenever there is the slightest disconnection between two people, it will show itself immediately. It is virtually impossible to have any unconscious part of you when there are still feelings or emotions of pain, sadness, or separation. They will all become visible when you are together.

And if you don’t address it in any way, you will notice because you will feel uncomfortable. You will feel your unease growing and know that it’s time to face it.

So, what is a healthy relationship? A healthy relationship is one in which you look yourself in the eye, with everything that is visible within your consciousness, in your field, and in your exchange with the other. 

You open your heart to become more aware of what it is that can bring you back to having more love for yourself.

A healthy relationship is a relationship in which two people are wholly committed to being completely transparent, completely vulnerable, and one where you see Source within the other. You see that the other is an expression of Source and that you, too, are an expression of Source. Without guilt, shame, or fear.

Everything is exactly how it’s meant to be. 

And in all that happens you are space-holders for each other and yourself. To understand and grow, to open your heart more and more and to break down all the walls of protection that you have built over the years and maybe not only in this lifetime.

So, awareness, being aware, opening your heart. 

The reason why we say that the other is an expression of Source is to bring you to a higher level and take you out of yourself, or your wounded inner child. When you are able to take that step toward a higher level, a more mature level, then you are able to see the other in all their purity and authenticity, without the pain within yourself.

When you can open your heart and feel your own pain without projecting it onto the other, that is a healthy relationship!

So, see the true love of the other, see that the other is Source, and that there is duality in the other as well as in yourself and that is part of life. 

Together you guide each other towards living your own truth. 

And always love yourself first because by loving yourself first, you give the other the greatest gift of life. You give love, true love.