How can Jesus help us in our earthly life?

Master Jesus is an icon in the actual sense of the word. An icon in the sense that it is not just an image, but something we can all color with a feeling.

And each of you who thinks of Master Jesus feels love, light, wisdom, and healing.

All of this is present in every human being. And a human is able to discover and develop themselves through the consciousness field of another.

As it was normal in ancient times to bring a student and a master together, so that the student could learn from the master. It wasn’t just literal learning through the actions or knowledge that the master conveyed, but it was also about the student being in the presence of the master’s consciousness field.

In the invisible, there was a transmission of energy, which allowed the student to step into the field of mastery.

The same applies to you and Jesus. When you imagine that you are one of the disciples of Jesus and you dwell in his field in daily life, you will not only take over his knowledge, light, love, and wisdom, but you will also notice that this ignites in you in your own unique way.

This means that you will embody the Jesus qualities in yourself, as they would appear in the form of your authentic self.

So, what can Jesus mean in this time? Jesus is always present around each of us, in your circles and our circles.

And it is important that when you know that this energy can strengthen you, you imagine that you are in the presence of Jesus and that you are in the presence of Mary Magdalene. Their combined strength represents the masculine and the feminine of the divine in you.

So, by sitting in meditation for example and imagining that you are with Jesus, seeing Jesus work, asking Jesus questions, asking to experience the same healing effect as Jesus experiences, and imagining how you would be present in this world as Jesus.

What does that look like? How do you talk then? How do you behave then? What do you bring then? What do you share then? What do you heal?

It is well known that the secret key of Jesus is his PRESENCE. So present, that the divine light, wisdom, and love can flow entirely through him without anything limiting it.

And that is exactly what you can learn from Jesus. That you are even more PRESENT, even more open without any resistance to let that full light and full love flow through you.

Because you are just PRESENT. There is nothing else than that. There are no distractions. There are no other thoughts than being present in the now. And then the divine flow can also fully stream through you.

Imagine then that you are Jesus. Imagine that now, that you are Jesus. Because you are. You are the child of God. You are capable of miracles.

All you have to do is step into the consciousness of Jesus and let your personality step back a bit, so that you are fully PRESENT.

And if a thought comes to mind, just let it pass by and stay in that consciousness. PRESENT.

And then see how you can react as Jesus, in a situation, with a fellow human or another living being.

Your PRESENCE in the now gives you the inspiration to act and do what is needed at that moment. And that is the magic. Not thinking for yourself, but letting yourself think from the consciousness of Jesus.


What message would Jesus want to share with us now?

Dear human, intensely dear human. I see you. I see you in your radiant light, in your unconditional love. You as the shining center in the universe.

You are the power, you are life, you are creation, and you create.

When life is like the ocean, it is sometimes necessary not just to swim in the ocean, but to step into a boat to see what the world looks like above water. That you might see that there is land present in another place, that there are many more animals and people than you encounter underwater…

And perhaps it attracts you to also be present flying above the ocean, so you have an even greater overview.

The power you can feel in the Jesus energy is that you always see the big picture and can transcend the small dramas. That you know that everything is a cycle, everything moves and grows, everything dies and comes back to life again.

That belief, in which we can only contribute to healing, where you return to the natural state, ensures that we believe and trust that life can heal everything. That everything is intended, every imbalance, every challenge, so that there is no judgment at all.

And dear human, who judges your experiences the most? Isn’t that often yourself?

Be gentle with yourself. It is necessary to literally let yourself be taken by the waves of the ocean, by the flow. Sometimes soft, sometimes strong.

And that you always trust that you are being brought where it is intended and that you trust in the now. Know that you are being taken care of, that you are exactly on the right path.

Can you fully surrender to life? Life is about being able to surrender to the higher, the bigger plan.

When you find something difficult in your life, let go. Let go of the steering wheel. See before you that I am with you with the Jesus power and energy, aligning myself with the whole.

And that every situation can be brought back into harmony and balance because you let go.

Everything is always brought back into balance. So, surrender to life. Ask me to restore harmony. Trust that life really takes care of you, that you are helped in the most surprising ways when you trust.

And I am with you. I am an example, and I too have experienced hard times in which I had to surrender. And when I actually surrendered, I was carried, I was carried. So it will be with you too.

Thank you.