Undermining thoughts and behavior

How do I deal with undermining thoughts and destructive behavior, especially now that I am experiencing deeper love and connection in meditations?

“Dear you, thank you for being so honest with yourself. It is beautiful how you can see the duality within yourself as waves following different currents and then colliding with each other. And… since it is water, it is ultimately possible to follow the flow and come to unity.

Water will not have any thoughts about what is right or wrong. It just follows the flow and will find whatever appears on its path. Without thoughts about it. And of course, it is interesting that most people have so many thoughts about what appears in their consciousness. It is a universal law in a world of duality that where there is more light, there will also be more darkness.

And we know that you know that the way to transcend duality is to raise your frequency. So the challenges you face with the forces that undermine you to truly live your truth, to really live your essence, are there to wake you up. To make you aware.

Perhaps you notice that you might not have even recognized these forces before. Maybe you were not even aware of them. Now they become very clear; ‘in your face,’ we might say. And that’s because those forces are there to wake you up and challenge you to stand in your true power. Because with every step you take towards your own essence, your own true power, you feel stronger.

It’s like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon. Struggle is necessary to make her wings stronger. And the same applies to you. It is necessary to strengthen your wings in the duality you face. And within that process, you begin to live your own truth, to face the challenges on your path. And above all to be conscious when you are thrown off balance. The moment you feel that… be aware. It is the moment to choose and step back into a higher frequency.

It’s like training your muscles. And we know it’s not easy and we know you’ve heard this before.

And know that we are the ones who can help you with this. So, when you are in meditation, ask for our help to be strong. Ask for our help to bring people or situations into your life that support living at a higher frequency, that are the wind beneath your wings. Every choice you make has a consequence. So the choices you make will lead to an end result of duality or unity. When you feel undermined by shadow forces within yourself and you are aware of it, then you need the willpower to say ‘no no, we’re not going that way anymore’. I am in charge. I AM the leader of my own life and all the old patterns and undermining contracts that influence me, I will no longer tolerate in my life.

You can ask Archangel Michael to use his sword of diamond light to cut all cords that bind you to lower frequencies that no longer serve you. Begin each day every morning with the connection to your soul, your heart, and the connection to your guardian angel. Ask your guardian angel to place the light in and around you. Your guardian angel’s mission is to help you with this. You don’t have to do it alone, but you must ask for it.

Take moments during the day to be aware of the light within yourself; your connection to Mother Earth; your connection to the Source; your connection to your I AM power, your soul. Train the muscle and you will find that you become very strong in your own light. And that is the challenge of this time, exactly that. So thank you for being aware of this and for your beautiful question.”