Which message do humans need to hear right now?

Let’s give you a metaphor:
Imagine you are standing by a lake and that lake is actually a metaphor for your consciousness. We ask you to dive into that lake and go under the surface, under water. Take a look around and notice what you see. Observe if the water is clear or cloudy, is there sand in the water, and is it stirred or muddy? Are there any plants or fish? Is the sun glistening through the surface? If so, how far? And how deep is your lake?

It is unnecessary to look at the lakes of others right now or to determine how they treat them. The only thing of importance is to look within your own lake and see if the water is still cloudy, or whether there is enough oxygen for the fish or plants to thrive. How well do you practice self-care? How much of your attention is directed to the lakes of others rather than your own?

Know that the most powerful thing you can do right now is to care for your own lake. Notice which words or thoughts may be clouding the water. Are you able to change your thoughts into more crystalline thoughts of love, rather than ones of judgement, hate, disappointment, or fear? Trust that change is necessary and the only way to break free from any feelings of limitation, isolation, or captivity is through change. Your connection to source, therefore, and to your Soul, reflected through sunlight, is very important. 

Try to keep both your thoughts and emotions clear and the connection to your heart secure, so that your attention remains rooted in your heart. Love everything alive that surrounds you so that it may breathe and live in its utmost grace. And above all, cherish the magnificent lake that you are, notice the beautiful plants growing inside, the wonderful fishes swimming in it too, see the mountains surrounding you, as well as all the shining crystals of water reflected by the sunlight. 

Take care of yourself. Love yourself for who you are. The more you do, the more aware you will become of what an exquisite and intelligent being you are. You are a system much like that of a lake. You can keep your system clean through your thoughts and emotions, by your love. Love heals all.

Hence, rather than focusing your attention and awareness on the outside world, begin by bringing it inwards, towards your inner world. That is all that’s needed right now. Clean and clear everything within yourself and your surroundings because the clearer you are, the more sunlight will shine through you. And the clearer your lake is, the more divinely it will shine. The mountains and trees will be reflected so stunningly that people will be able to see themselves and their own magnificent beauty through you because of the powerful sense of love that you radiate.